CSR Initiatives




 Environmental Sustainability


 Waste Reduction

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services tries very hard to limit waste reduction through out the company to protect our environment

 Go Green Team

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services buys and promotes green initiatives and bio-degradable products. 


-          Aboriginal Marketing Services has integrated initiatives to improve sustainability in its decision-making processes, supply chain management, and client management


-          Aboriginal Marketing Services recycles 100% of its recyclable material such as plastic, cardboards, paper, shrink wraps and more


 Education & Wellness



-          Aboriginal Marketing Services offers one-to-one mentorship to its employees which provides an opportunity to enhance their skills and develop their careers

  Zero Lost-time Injuries

-          All of Aboriginal Marketing Services’ location achieved ‘zero lost-time injuries’ at their workplace

  Awards and Recognition

-          To appreciate and motivate employees, Akran Marketing organizes time-to-time awards and recognition event.

 Code of Vendor Conduct

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services offers mandatory compliance through ‘Code of Vendor Conduct’

 Training and Seminars

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services offers online training, webinar, information sessions and guest seminars to enhance knowledge of its staff members


       Community Investment


 Philanthropy work

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services donates 10% of its net profit to Akran Foundation which engages in environmental education and community initiatives in Canada

 Local Charities

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services is a proud supporter and sponsor of many social organizations across Canada as it lays a firm belief in helping community and cherishing humanity.

 Staff Volunteering

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services encourages its employees to engage in volunteering activities and social causes.

 “Kids to Work” Program

-          Aboriginal Marketing Services encourages staff to bring their kids to work a few times in a year to witness work-culture and high-tech environment. 


      Promotional Products Giveaway


-       Aboriginal Marketing Services is all about giving back. We make periodic efforts and donation to make the world a better place to live. 

-       Aboriginal Marketing Services considers its corporate responsibility to help and strengthen the foundation of our community. It’s achieved through many small successes each layered one over the    other.

-      Aboriginal Marketing Services gives worthy business organizations hundreds of dollars of promotional products to spread the word, recruit volunteers, thank donors, offer comfort to someone in   need, or in some other way turn one thing into something much more. 

-      This initiative reflects Aboriginal Marketing Services' culture and work policy. If you are employed by or serve on the Board of Directors of a registered charity with the CRA, religious organization or accredited school, and are working hard to make a difference in your community, we want to help.